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We work globally and provide both services to companies and candidates.
To our companies, we offer global executive search, searching for the right matching candidates. We also provide companies training withing Talent Management, mostly training leaders in taking care of the role as Hiring Manager, like we train headhunters, recruitment specialists in recruitment and search. “How to find the right candidates, with the right amount of relevant talent, how to select the right candidates based on the companies culture, management, team, and tasks so that we can ensure the candidate can get success in the new job”.


In 2012 we also started to offer: Employee Agreements, Consultancy Contracts, Job Descriptions, Clauses, and Employee handbooks, and Leader handbooks. From a base with more than 800 different documents in English.
To our candidates we advise especially on immigration, working in another country like we assist employees, looking after a new job; also named outplacement, all areas we have worked with in many years.

Introduction to 4selection

We started in 1984 as the company Abilities International, a group of young psychologists students who were shocked about the low level we meet when we were joining interviews, and we saw the possibility to raise the quality level significantly and we have worked on the development of our work models since.


An advisory house created by psychologists, with the primary focus of using the best advisable knowledge and the best tools for selecting people in relation to a job. To evaluate candidates on the full amount of relevant talent the candidate has generated through life. To observe the requirements to fulfill and/or match the company culture, the management, the team and the tasks, so we are sure that the candidate has all the possibilities to get success in the job.
In 2006 we decided to place all Talent Management assignment in a new company named 4selection and one of the keys to our success has been the specialist nature of our Advisors. All other Human Resources Management advisory support is still taken care of by Abilities International. Specialist areas include:


Experienced headhunters, specialized and well-networked in their respective areas of expertise, with the right related background, and a matching theoretical ballast who are able to effectively locate, screen and deliver candidates to fit unique wishes of client needs in a timely fashion.

Many will tell you we are different, 4selection does not follow the traditional track of the selection & search industry. We evaluate and renew our work models every year, the development in the world go faster and faster and we simply need to be on the top of the business.

We have the experience needed to understand theories and put them into practice in a new way that leads to making wise decisions. We have had the opportunity to choose the best of many methods, and we have chosen to use only the most psychologically recognized working models and project types that have been proven through historical experience and which give the correct result.

We are proud of being a sister company to the Human Resources Management advisory company Abilities International established in 1984.

We are not a “recruitment machine”, we are psychologists who select humans for a job!

More information

We simply were not satisfied with how the candidates were handled. We did not feel the right answers was asked, and that there was not enough dialogue with the candidate about the answers. We did not see the right quality in the references checks made; if they were made. The recruiters we meet in 1984 did not know enough about the job functions, the tasks, the success criteria and this was why we are decided to make a difference. Perhaps 1980’s rebel, but we also helped move the quality and value, and we are pleased with this today. Pleased because we took the selection process seriously, and did not hire car salesmen.

  • All our work models are shaped by psychologists, with many years of relevant experience;
  • We do have a high passion for what we do; we care about how we do our work;
  • We actually read all the applications with our own eyes;
  • We evaluate the candidates by meeting with candidates where we conduct a structured interview;
  • The top candidate we normal have had in interviews three times before presented;
  • We prepare questions for the individual candidate who we evaluate on references call, questions related to the success level the candidate had in the job, the social interaction and the relationship to management, team and eventually clients;
  • We do only use the most valid psychology test and analysis, and we discuss the results with the candidate;
  • Our advisor has evaluated the candidate’s material thoroughly before an interview, just as the advisor has prepared for the questions to be asked;
  • We listen to the answers and evaluate them intensely;
  • We do not use automatic IT systems – Applicant tracking system (ATS) that choose the candidates;
  • We do not use video interviews, and we will never use them, simply because we do not believe they work and is appreciated;
  • All our Advisors have quite tough criteria to fulfill and are using 20% of there time in training with our psychologists the first 2 years;
  • Most of our advisors are educated, psychologists;
  • We believe in the value to have close contact with the candidates;
  • Many of the candidates we had known all the way back to 2006, some even back to 1984 when Ability International. started – when we created our company, and they know us, as each candidate has a personal advisor.

This is our professional beliefs and works ideas.

4selection is a Global Executive Search firm. We are working in the largest cities across the globe in EMEA and Asia-Pacific as well and North America. 4selection is widely recognized as having one of the highest placement ratios in the search business and is known for placing candidates who are the right fit and who stay where placed long past industry average.

We are not the huge company, and we don’t plan to be it, our focus is to lift the quality year after year, and learn more and more.

Since 1984 in Abilities International regi, and from 2006 4selection has been focused on providing specialized industry-leading professional recruitment services for select clients and candidates globally.
The values and principles that the 4selection foundation was built on remaining strong as the marketplace continues to change and evolve with technology, access to information and our clients’ expanding requirements to compete in the global economy.
Our company has continued to expand our service offerings based on our clients’ needs for a more specialized partner approach to talent acquisition.

Our point of difference is clear. We are experts in determining and understanding the right fit. As the search and placement industry continued to evolve and become more global in nature, the need to have a hands-on understanding of the clients’ true requirements became even more critical, and we feel we have success on this key point.

The ultimate goal of 4selection is to find candidates that create results and value for our clients.
Personal service, impeccable integrity, and local knowledge are just some of the factors that we take pride in.
We provide the same advisor throughout the process, and we are happy to know that our clients love what we are doing.

These values and principles remain just as true today as they were in 1984, and in 4selection related in 2006;

“Bringing people and opportunities together for the right reasons at the right time”.

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